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Last updated on Sep. 21, 2004
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A mock-up of the slow-extraction beam line is built in E-hall of KEK 12GeV PS. We are doing many kinds of tests and R&D, including installation methods of beam line magnets, connection methods of magnet power cables, water cooling pipes, signal cables for magnet control, and so on. The final goal of this mock-up is to establish the scinario of how to maintenance the beamline elements.

K-Hall Mock-up

There is empty space for the maintenance on top of the concrete shield blocks. Using this mock-up, we are emplying many kinds of ideas and tests in order to take care of beamline elements without getting close to the highly radiaoactivated field.

[K-Hall Mock-up]
Photograph of the K-Hall mock-up. The service space of the primary beam line is located on the shield blocks of 5 m in height.

Switch-Yard Mock-up

Shield blocks are located in front of magnets because the residual dose level around the magnets and beam duct will be high. Magnet power and cooling water are provided through the service pit under the floor.

[SY Mock-up]
Photograph of the Switch-Yard mock-up.