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Last updated on Sep. 21, 2004
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Easy-and-quick disconnect system

Our group is in charge of the development of many kinds of connectors in order to do maintenance works as quickly and easily as possible.

Development of connectors for magnet power cables

Since the service space for the on-hand maintenance, where the radiation dose is reasonably low, is prepared in the beam line at the experimental hall of Nuclear and Particle Physics Facility (NP-hall), a special system of easy-and-quick disconnection for magnet power cables, which must be simple and reliable has been developed. The following picure illustrates the connector for power cable with ring-shaped current contacts. This type of contatcts has been already used in EP1 beam line at KEK 12GeV-PS. This type of connector has following specifications:

  • Wiping effect on attachment and disconnection,
  • Cooling effect with wide gap, and
  • Tight and flexible contact in terms of position and inserting angle on its attachment.
We will do many kinds of test and modification, using the mock-up of the beam line magnet, which is built in E-hall at KEK 12 GeV-PS facility.

Caption: A connector for 3000 A current. The conductor can be disconnect by pulling up the U-type conductor.
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