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4th International Workshop on the Neutrino Beams and Instrumentation

7(Fri) - 11 (Tue), November 2003

Conference room in the 1st floor of the 4th Research Building at KEK

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Scope of the workshop:

After three successful workshops at KEK (June 1999), FNAL (September 2000) and CERN (March 2002), the NBI returned to its birthplace. This is the fourth occasion for physicists and engineers working on conventional neutrino beams to meet together and discuss their experience (e.g. from K2K and MiniBoone) as well as their preparation (e.g. for CNGS, NuMI/MINOS and JHF-nu).

The emphasis of this workshop is detailed descriptions of equipment, tests and results, and in particular, on challenges in the design (with maniac discussion).

Organizing committee:

Chairman: Prof. Minoru TAKASAKI

International Organizing Committee:
CERN: Konrad Elsener, Malika Meddahi, Stephan Rangod, Valeri Falaleev
FNAL: Jorge G. Morfin, Jim Hylen, Sam Childress, D. Kasper
North Western Univ.: Mayda Velasco
KEK: Kazuhiro Tanaka, Takashi Kobayashi

Local organizing committee:
So many... (TBD)


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