Reports of each experiments performed after 2004

Exp. No Spokes person Title
Status Report [kB]
Papers & Activities
E362 K. Nishikawa Long Baseline Neutrino Oscillation Experiment E362
E391a T. Inagaki Measurement of the K0L0˃-bar Decay E391a
E548 T. Kishimoto Study of Kaonic Nuclei by the (K-, p) Reactions E548
E549 M. Iwasaki Confirmation of Nuclear Kaonic State and Search for its Excited States E549
E559 K. Imai High Resolution Spectroscopy of Penta-quark + E559
E566 H. Tamura Hypernuclear spectroscopy on 12C E566
E567 A. Shinohara Precise Measurement of Electronic X rays from pionic atoms E567
E570 R.S. Hayano Precision Spectroscopy of Kaonic Helium 3d-2p X-rays E570