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About E391a library and package system

The E391a library is very useful library for our experiment. This library contains many routines for our simulation, DAQ and some utilities.

These softwares belong to "package" directory based tree structure. We can treat each software as this package. The package has the following directories and files under the package directory :

 Example : skeleton ("skeleton" is package name)
   skeleton/                     --- (top) package directory
   skeleton/Makefile             --- make file in the package directory
                                      (for compile this package)
   skeleton/skeleton             --- header directory
   skeleton/skeleton/userinc.h   --- header file
   skeleton/src                  --- source directory
   skeleton/src/Makefile         --- make file in the src directory
                                      (for compile source files in the src directory)
   skeleton/src/      --- source file
   skeleton/src/       --- source file
To use this system, you can make easily all software with same rules. All software in the e391 library belong to this package system.

How to use E391 library

In order to use e391 library, please set some enviroment at your computer system. Please carry out this command.

kl-3% source /e391/local/etc/cshrc_e391 (for csh, tcsh)

After the enviroment setting, you should prepare your working directory. In the package system, this working directory call MY_TOP_DIR. The name of MY_TOP_DIR should be terminated by "e391", for example,

MY_TOP_DIR = /work/your_name/e391
Therefore, please make your directory like this example and set enviroment MY_TOP_DIR.

kl-3% mkdir -p /work/your_name/e391

kl-3% setenv MY_TOP_DIR /work/your_name/e391 (for csh, tcsh)

kl-3% source /e391/local/etc/cshrc_e391

Last command need to set again some enviroment which using e391 library.

Before you develop your new program or modify some packages in e391 library, you should prepare src directory in the MY_TOP_DIR. Then you can get each package in e391 library. For development your new program, it is very useful to get "skeleton" package.

kl-3% cd $MY_TOP_DIR

kl-3% make src

kl-3% cd src

kl-3% get_packages skeleton

kl-3% ls -l

total 3.0K
-rw-r--r--    1 kensh    users       416 Aug 12 11:04 Makefile
-rw-rw-r--    1 kensh    users         0 Aug 12 11:04 PACKAGES
drwxrwxr-x    2 kensh    users       320 Aug 12 11:04 config
drwxr-xr-x    4 kensh    users       352 Aug 12 11:04 skeleton
You can see more detail about get_packges command in here.

Useful package list (newer than version e20020812_2219)
  (package name)            (distribution)         
  skeleton              --- skeleton
  gsim-run              --- run script for gsim
  gsimana               --- sample analyzer code for gsim
  sampleana             --- sample analyzer code for experimental data
  sampleana2            --- sample analyzer code for experimental data
  barreleveto           --- GEANT3 based simulator for the Barrel Veto
  gsim-e391a            --- GEANT3 based full detector simulation
  gsim-general          --- GEANT3 based full detector simulation (base code)
How to use sampleana2 (sample analyzer for experimental data)
Let's see here ...

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