Experimental subject list

No. Subject Spokesperson Period and cryogenic system operation No. Total shifts
E269 Measurement of differential cross sections of pions on a carbon target above the delta resonance region H. Sakaguchi (Kyoto U.) '92/10~'92/11 35
E140a Study of heavy hypernuclei via the (pi, K) reaction by using the SKS spectrometer O. Hashimoto (INS) '93/01~'93/07 150
E278 Asymmetry of non-mesonic weak decay of polarized 5 lambda He T. Kishimoto (Osaka U.) '93/06~'93/12 100
E307 Lifetimes and weak decay widths of light and medium-heavy lambda hypernuclei H.C. Bhang (Seoul U.) '94/10~'95/11 400
E352 Quasielastic pi meson scattering R.J. Peterson (Corolado U.) '95/11~'96/02 50
E336 Spectroscopic investigation of light lambda hypernuclei in the (pi, K) reaction O. Hashimoto (INS/Tohoku U.) '96/04~'96/11 120
E369 Structure of 89 lambda Y with the (pi,K) reaction T. Nagae (INS/KEK) '97/11~'98/02 100
E419 Measurement of E2 transition rate in 7 lambda Li hypernucleus H. Tamura (Tohoku U.) '98/05~'98/07 70
E438 Study of sigma-nucleus potential by the (pi-, K+) reaction H. Noumi (KEK) '99/10/01~'99/10/22(No.59)

T459 A feasibility test of pion double charge exchange experiment in the Gev region A. P. Krutenkova (Ins. of Theoretical and Experimental Physics, Moscow) '99/12/??~'99/12/24(No.60)
E462 Exclusive Measurement of the Non-Mesonic Weak Decay of 5_Lambda_He H. Outa (KEK) '00/11/03~'00/12/04(No.62)
E508 Coincidence Measurement of the Weak Decay of 12_Lambda_C H.C. Bhang (Seoul U.) '02/04/10~'02/04/26(No.64)
E521 Production of Neutron-Rich Lambda Hypernuclei by the (pi-, K+) Double-Charge Exchange Reaction T. Fukuda (Osaka Electro-Communication U.) '02/09/04~'02/09/24(No.66)
E518 Gamma Spectroscopy of 11_Lambda_B H. Tamura (Tohoku U.) '02/09/25~'02/10/29(No.66) 80