High Energy Accelerator Research Organization(KEK), Tsukuba,
                           26-29 July, 1999

Organizing Committee:

M. Takasaki (KEK, Chairman),
K.H. Tanaka (KEK, Scientific Secretary),
K. Nakamura (KEK), K. Nishikawa (Kyoto),
T. Hasegawa (Tohoku), Y. Suzuki (KEK),
Y. Katoh (KEK), M. Ieiri (KEK),
Y. Yamanoi (KEK), H. Noumi (KEK),
M. Minakawa (KEK), E. Kusano (KEK)

Mailing Address

Dr. Kazuhiro (banpaku) TANAKA,
Beam Channel Group, Physics Division III,
Institute of Particle and Nuclear Studies,
KEK: High Energy Accelarator Research Organization
Oho 1-1, Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki-ken 305-0801, JAPAN

Fax: +81 298 64 5362

           This announcement is also on INTERNET to the address:


May 12th, 1999

Dear Colleague,

The first International Workshop on the Neutrino Beam Instrumentation
Dedicated for Long Baseline Experiments will be held, during the week of
July 26 - 29, 1999 at High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
(KEK), Tsukuba, Japan.

The Workshop will be focused on the engineering side of the neutrino beam
generation dedicated for the long baseline neutrino oscillation exprtiments,
which contains;

(1) Status reports on the long baseline neutrino oscillation experiments
     at CERN, FNAL and KEK.
(2) Technology and Experience of pion production Targets and Horns
(3) Technology and Experience of Beam Monitors
(4) Experience at KEK as the first-built facility of this kind.

Expected participants will be about 30 including Japanese people.
So it is a small size workshop dedicated for the specific subject!
Since the hotel accomodations for the workshop participants will be
prepared at the KEK dormitory, we can enjoy "afterdark" session
at the workshop.
(The room rate of the dormitory is approximately 1000 yen/night/person.)

The preliminary Program of the workshop is attached below.  Details of the
workshop will be fixed at the first day of the workshop.  The second
containing the information of "How to reach KEK" etc. etc. will be sent to
those who will return the enclosed APPLICATION FORM.

We will be most obliged to you for circulating this announcement among your

To communicate with the organizers, please, use preferentially the
Mail or the Fax.

                                    Sincerely yours,

                                              Minoru  TAKASAKI
                                    on behalf of the Organizing Committee

                         APPLICATION FORM



    Will you be accompanied by members of your family?

    Do you plan to present a Talk?
    (If so, send the Title of your Talk)



Please send this form to Dr. Kazuhiro Tanaka, at the address given above.


                                  Tentative Program of
The First International Workshop on the Neutrino Beam Instrumentation
                    dedicated for the long baseline experiments

July 26 (Mon)
Morning:    9:30 am

Afternoon: 13:30 pm    Opening Open Session at the KEK Auditorium.
               Welcome address by the KEK Director General
               Status at FNAL by ?
               Status at CERN by K. Elsener
               Status at KEK: Instrumentation by ?
                                   : Physics by ?
               16:30 pm   Closed Session
               Working Group Organization

                   #Organization of two groups (Beam monitors and
                   # is assumed in this program.

Welcome Party at KEK Restaurant

July 27 (Tue)
Morning    9:30 am

              All Together Session
              Report from the construction work at KEK on
              GPS and Radiation Shielding.

Afternoon 13:30 pm

              All Together Session
              Report from the construction work at KEK on
              Beam Monitors and Magnetic Horns

              15:30 pm
              Tour to New KEK Facility

Afterdark session at the KEK dormitory?

July 28 (Wed)
Morning    9:30 am
              Group Session I   (Beam Monitors, Horns+Targets)

Afternoon 13:30 pm
              Group Session II  (Beam Monitors, Horns+Targets)
              15:30 pm
              Group Session III (Beam Monitors, Horns+Targets)

Afterdark session at the KEK dormitory?

July 29 (Thu)
Morning    9:30 am   Final all together meeting
              Report from each subgroup
             Concluding remark and future perspective by ???.