Milestone of KEK Proton Synchrotron

summarized by H. Sato

1971 Apr. Construction Start
1974 June 750 KeV Pre-Accelerator
Aug. 20 MeV LINAC
Dec. Booster Accelerated up to 500 MeV
1975 Dec. MR Injection
1976 Mar.

MR Accelerated up to 8 GeV (Original Design)

July Utility Start Using Internal Target
Dec. MR 12 GeV
1977 Jan. Fast Extraction to EP1 Line
May Utility Start for Bubble Chamber Experiment
June BSTR Intensity 6 x 1011 ppp
Nov. Slow Extraction to EP2 Line and Utility Start
1978 July MR Intensity 2 x1012 ppp
1980 Jan. MR Intensity 2.85 x 1012 ppp
May MR Intensity 4.07 x 1012 ppp
June Utility Start to Booster Facility
1981 July Shut Down of Fast Extraction
Dec. MR Intensity 4.1 x 1012 ppp
1983 Nov. H- Injection to Booster
Polarized Proton Beam Acceleration Test Start
1984 Long Shut Down due to TRISTAN Construction
May Replace of Preaccelerator Tube
1985 Nov. LINAC Upgrade to 40 MeV
1986 May Pulse Sharing Operation of Normal Intensity Beam and Polarized Proton Beam
1987 May Utility Start Using Polarized Proton Beam
1988 May Replace of Control System from Melcom to VME
1989 June MR Intensity 5.4 x 1012 ppp (max.)
1990 May BSTR Intensity 2.4 x 1012 ppp
Aug. MR Power Supply Upgrade for the Flat Top Extension
Sep. Replace of EP1, EP2 Extraction system
Realignment of the main ring Q magnets (vertical)
Oct. EP2 Spill Length of 2 sec
1991 Jan. Slow Extraction to EP1
May Start of Deuteron Beam Acceleration Test
1992 Jan. Accelerated and Extracted of Deuteron Beam at 11.2GeV
Apr. Utility Start Using Deuteron Beam
Variable Energy Extraction
1994 Apr. Septum-bump injection system was developed
Acceleration Test of a-Beam and Utility Start at 23GeV
Aug. Realignment of the booster magnets
Nov. MR Intensity 5.95 x 1012 ppp (max.)
1995 Feb. Study for the Intensity Upgrade
1996 Mar. Polarized Duteron Beam Accelerator Test
Sep. B-Q Duct and BPM Replacement (partially)
Realignment of the main ring Q magnets (vertical, partially)
Oct. MR Intensity 5.5-6.1 x 1012 ppp (20 min. AV)
1997 Upgrade of the Pulsed Quarupole Power Supply for the Transition Crossing
Studies for the Beam Loss at the Acceleration Start
Fast Kicker Magnets Design and Construction
1998 June MR Intensity 4.7-4.9 x 1012 ppp during utility run
Half Year Shut Down for the Preparation of the Long Base Line Nuetrino Experiment
Installation of the Fact Kicker Magnets
Replace of the Septum Magnets Power Supply
1999 Feb. Fast Extracted Beam to the Production Target Position
Mar. Comissioning start of the Long Base Line Neutrino Experiment
May MR Intensity 6.2 x 1012 ppp
June MR Intensity 6.8 x 1012 ppp
2000 Mar. MR Intensity 8.0 x 1012 ppp
2001 Oct. Booster Power Supply Upgrade
2003 July Induction Acceleration Study
2005 Jan. Fast Extraction End
2005 Dec. Main Ring Utility End
2006 Mar. Booster Utility End