E150 (πK) O. Hashimoto

Study of Hypernuclei via (π+, K+) Reaction






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M. Akei et al.


Study of 12ΛC and 56ΛFe Hypernuclei by (π, K) Reactions at the KEK 12 GeV PS


Nuovo Cimento 102A (1989) 457.

M. Akei et al.


The (π+, K+) Reaction on 12C and 56Fe


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M. Akei et al.


A Broad Range Spectrometer PIK for Medium-Energy Meson Spectroscopy


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M. Fukuda


Study of Λ Hypernuclei by (π+, K+) Reaction and Construction of PIK Spectrometer


Osaka University, 1988

H. Noumi


Study of 12ΛC and 56ΛFe Hypernuclei by (π+, K+) Reactions at KEK 12 GeV PS


Osaka University, 1989