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● S.Hayashi and S.Iwata


Angular Distribution of Recoil 8Li in the Reaction 9Be (π- N) 8Li at 1.0 GeV/c


Phys.Lett. 95B (1980) 39.

● T.Nishi et al.


Cross Sections of Negative-Pion-Induced Reaction in 9Be, 12C and 19F Nuclei Between 0.4 and 1.9 GeV


Nucl. Phys. A352 (1981) 461.

● S.Hayashi and S.Iwata


On the Angular Distribution of 8Li in 9Be (π-, π N) 8Li at Pbeam = 1.0, 3.0 and 4.0 GeV/c


J.Phys.Soc. Japan 51 (1982) 3774.

★ S.Hayashi


Application of Solid State Track Detector to Nuclear Reactions


Kyoto Univ., 1982

◇ T.Nishi


Current Nuclear Reaction Studies in Japan


Proc. of Intermediate-Energy Nuclear Chemistry Workshop, Los Alamos, U.S.A., 1980, p.87

* N.Imanishi et al.


Cross Sections of Negative Pion Induced Reactions in 9Be, 12C and 19F Nuclei between 0.4 and 1.9 GeV


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* T.Nishi et al.


Negative Pion Induced Reactions in Bismuth at 0.87 GeV


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