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Study of π-p Three-Body Reaction with Emphasis on Diffraction






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● T.Hirose et al.


Phenomenological Analysis of Nucleon Diffraction Dissociation in the Drell-Hiida-Deck Model


Prog. Theor. Phys. 57 (1977) 1334

● T.Hirose et al.


Narrow Mass Enhancement at 1.36 GeV Observed in the Diffractive (π N) Systems


Nuove Cimento 50A (1979) 120

C.Fukunaga et al.


Study of (π N) and (π π N) Mass Enhancements in Nucleon Diffraction Dissociation


Nuovo Cimento 58A (1980) 199.

● T.Hirose and S.Ishida


New Mass Enhancements in the Diffractive Nucleon System and Five-Quark Exotic Levels


Prog. Theor. Phys. 64 (1980) 1096.

● C.Fukunaga et al.


A Novel Approach to Pomeron Exchange on the Basis of Gluon Bremsstrahlung


Nuovo Cimento 31 (1981) 328

● Y.Hattori et al.


Quark-Parton Model Aspect of Diffraction Dissociation from Feynman- and Bjorken – Variable Distribution


J. Phys. Soc. Japan 51 (1982) 3761.

○ T.Emura et al.


Μulti-dimensional Analysis of the Three-Body Reaction π-p →π-π+n at 6 GeV/c


J. Phys. Soc. Japan 51 (1982) 1357.

○ Y.Hattori et al.


Dual Display System for Μulti-Dimensional Data Analysis of High Energy Physics


Japan. J. Appl. Phys. 21 (1982) 381.

★ C.Fukunaga


Quark-Parton Structure of Diffraction Dissociation


Tokyo Metropolitan University, 1981

★ T.Emura


Μulti-dimensional Analysis of the Three-Body Reaction π-p →π-π+n at 6 GeV/c


Tokyo Metropolitan University, 1982

◇ T.Hirose


Further Evidence of Narrow Mass Enhancements Observed in the Diffractive (πD) and (ππN) System


Proc. of '79 INS Symposium on Particle in GeV Region.

◇ T.Hirose et al.


New (πN) and (ππN) Mass Enhancements in Diffraction Dissociation


Proc. of the 2nd Metting on Exotic Resonance (Hiroshima Feb.2-4, 1980)

◇ T.Hirose


Exotic Resonance and Quark-Parton Aspects of Diffraction Dissociation


Proc. of the Japan-VS Seminar on High Energy Nuclear Interaction and Properties of Dense Nuclear Matter (Hakone, July, 1980)

* M.Markytan et al.


Exclusive and Inclusive Diffraction Dissociation in the Quark-Parton Picture


KEK 81-9, August, 1981,T/E.