Hydrogen Target

Herium Refrigerator with Hydrogen Condenser

Hydrogen Target is a small and movable apparatus.
We have four sets of system(No.1-No.4). The refrigeration Power at 20K is 8W(No.1,No.2) and 16W(No.3,No.4).
Components of the each set are mentioned below.

Each components are interconnected with flexible tube.

  • Herium Refrigerator & Compressor
  • Hydrogen Condenser(added to above refrigerator).1liter(No.1,No.2),3liter(No.3),2liter(No.4)
  • Valve manipulation rack
  • Hydrogen gas purifier(rarely use)
  • Hydrogen gas tank. 1000liter(No.1,No.2),2000liter(No.3),3000liter(No.4)

  • Each System is controlled by a personal computer.

  • Control rack with GPIB interface

  • Setup of current user(AIDA group). Contact person :T.Tsuru

  • Contact person with Hydrogen Target system:S.Ishimoto ,S.Suzuki

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